WellCut WC-HWM9U 4-8mm Combination of HSS / MASONRY / WOOD Drill Bit Set

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WellCut WC-HWM9U 4-8mm Combination of HSS / MASONRY / WOOD Drill Bit Set

Professional Ultra High Quality hss / masonry / wood drill bits are designed to meet different demands and needs. The set comes with 3pcs hss drill bits, 3pcs masonry drill bits and 3pcs wood drill bits. The product is designed to give you a set of drill bits that can be used on a variety of materials. This is ideal for a beginner to intermediate user who is looking to drill through a series of different materials. Compatible with all kinds of electric drills, percussion drills and bench drills. Included is a small handy storage case that keeps your drill bits safe and organised.

  • HIGH QUALITY - Built from high-quality and high-speed steel designed to cut through metal, wood and masonry

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - This bit set provides 3 types of popular drill bit sizes allowing you to work with more material

  • UNIVERSAL SHANK - The drill bits include a round shank which allows compatibility with all types of drills

  • PORTABLE STORAGE CASE - A convenient storage case is included to ensure your bits stay organized

  • VERSATILE AND APPLICABLE - Great for drilling around the home, on the job or for general maintenance
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions(L x W x H): 64 x 21 x 156mm
  • Product Weight: 0.18 kg

Contents Of This Product

  • 3 x HSS: 4,6,8mm
  • 3 x Wood: 4,6,8mm
  • 3 x Masonry: 4,6,8mm

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