WELLCUT Screwdriver Set 8 Piece Precision Magnetic

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WELLCUT Screwdriver Set 8 Piece Precision Magnetic

With this durable, 8 Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set from WellCut®, you can feel the difference in quality for yourself. Designed from CR-V steel, this screwdriver set has been manufactured to become your lifetime set, equipped for the toughest of working environments. Its high grade plastic and rubberised, non slip grips make for comfortable usage, while its strong, simple to use magnetic tips will stop the screwdrivers from breaking on impact. There are various types and sizes to this 8 piece screwdriver bit set, all to meet different demands, including 4 Phillips screwdrivers and 4 Slotted screwdrivers. All pieces in this set were created with professional use in mind, although they won’t go amiss in your garage or shed. Screwdrivers are commonly used to dismantle games consoles, mobile phones, laptops, etc., as well as put together furniture, so they’re essential for every household. All screwdrivers are clearly marked with their type and size, so you’ll see what you need, when you need it.

  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES - Maximum comfort from using dual injected grips when in use. Perfectly balanced when held in the hand

  • MAGNETIC SCREWDRIVERS - All tips on this set are magnetically charged to simplify the usability and increasing precision

  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Designed from CR-V steel for a lifetime long product

Contents Of This Product

  • Slotted: 6x38mm, 5x100mm, 6x125mm, 8x150mm
  • Phillips: PH2x125mm, PH1x100m, PH0x75mm, PH2x38mm

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