WELLCUT 5 Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade For Wood & Metal fit Bosch, Dewalt & Makita

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WELLCUT 5 Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade For Wood & Metal fit Bosch, Dewalt & Makita

In need of a reciprocating saw blade? These 5 professional blades from WellCut® will get any cutting job done. The S610VF recip saw blade has a premium bi-metal construction, which is extremely durable for guaranteed long service life. Its 5-8 TPI make is a fast-cutting blade, designed for straight cuts into wood, wood with nails/metal, as well as plastic. The S922AF saw blade also has a premium bi-metal construction, but has very fine teeth at 24 TPI, making it the perfect solution to cutting in sheet metals, pipes, and profiles. For progressive clean cuts, opt for the S2345X recip saw blades, which can cut chipboards, plywood and plastic with ease. For wood cutting specifically, try the S1542K or S1531L reciprocating saw blades, using the prior for sharp, straight cuts, ideal for quick, coarse cutting of wood; and the latter for fast, coarse cuts, with 5 TPI for excellent pruning results. Reciprocating saw blade sets should be stored safely, which is why WellCut® provides a convenient plastic case, making light work of carrying everything around. These saw blades are compatible with all high-end brands including DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Black & Decker, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Metabo, and more.

  • S610VF SAW BLADES: Made from premium bi-metal construction for increased durability, this reciprocating saw blade has 5 TPI for fast, straight cuts. This makes it perfect for cutting wood, wood with nails/metal, as well as plastic

  • S922AF SAW BLADES: These recip saw blades are also made from premium bi-metal construction. Its teeth are very fine at 24 TPI, ideal for cutting in thin sheet materials, pipes, and profiles

  • S2345X SAW BLADES: For a progressive clean cut of wood, chipboards, plywood, and plastic, opt for the S2345X saw blade. At 6-10 TPI, this will cut through any piece of wood quickly and with ease

  • S1542K SAW BLADES: Get sharp, straight cuts using this blade, ideal for quick, coarse cutting of various woods. This saw blade has 3 TPI for extremely tough cuts, making light work of the job, too

  • S1531L SAW BLADES: For faster, coarse cuts, opt for this recip saw blade. Its pointed, sharp-ground teeth will provide you with the best pruning results, so you can have the garden ready for a gathering

  • PORTABLE STORAGE CASE: The 5 saw blades in this essential set come with a handy storage case, designed to take your tool accessories anywhere and everywhere. Store it in your drawers, cabinets, or toolbox - wherever your heart desires
Product Specifications
  • SUITABLE MACHINE: Universal Shank Systems Reciprocating Saw
  • WEIGHT: 0.2860kg
  • WIDTHS/DIAMETERS: 1PC S610VF 152mm length 5-8TPI, 1PC S922AF 152mm length 24TPI,1PC S2345X  200mm 6-10TPI, 1PC S1542K 240mm 3TPI, 1PC S1531L  240mm 5TPI

Contents Of This Product

  • 1PC S610VF 152mm length 5-8TPI, Wood/Metal Cutting
  • 1PC S922AF 152mm length 24TPI, Metal Cutting
  • 1PC S2345X  200mm 6-10TPI, Wood Cutting
  • 1PC S1542K 240mm 3TPI, Wood Cutting
  • 1PC S1531L  240mm 5TPI,  Wood Cutting
  • 1PC Plastic tube for convenient storage

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