WELLCUT 49-Piece Hexagon Shank Mixed Drill Bit Set Quick Change for Metal, Wood, Brick

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WELLCUT 49-Piece Hexagon Shank Mixed Drill Bit Set Quick Change for Metal, Wood, Brick

WellCut® 49-piece multi-purpose drill and screw set is the professional supplement for all commercially available drills and screwdrivers with a hexagonal socket. Whether at work, for renovation work in the home or for hobbies - with the 49-piece hexagonal shank drill and screw set, you always have a large selection of the most popular drill bits and screw attachments at hand. The practical storage box keeps everything tidy and makes it easy to use without having to spend a lot of time looking for the right attachment. The most common drill diameters for wood, metal and stone work are included in the set, as are a wide variety of bits with the most common screw drives (slotted, cross-slotted and Torx) and sockets in the most important wrench sizes.

  • FULL QUICK-CHANGE HEX SHANK SET: 1/4'' quick change hex shank is specially designed for cordless screwdrivers, enabling you to quickly change the drill bits

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Confidently take on metal, masonry, and woodwork jobs with the comprehensive WELLCUT 49pcs drill & screwdriver bit set - comes with drill bits, screwdriver bits, nut drivers, and more

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Screwdriver bits made of special Taiwanese S2 steel, which, in combination with high-frequency hardening, provides the bit with optimal hardness and do not break when working with screws of any hardness. Sockets are made from cr-v steel

  • EASY METAL DRILLING: HSS drill bits made of special high-speed steel S4341, 135° split point trip for fast drilling. Bright finish for accurate hole dimensioning and high concentricity. Drilling with u-flute for cleaner holes

  • EXTRA-STRONG MAGNET: Attraction force bits holder >400g securely holds the drill bits

  • WIDE USE: This is a useful kit that emphasizes professional or DIY enthusiasts. Due to their quality represent much better value. You are sure to be able to find just the bit you need to get the job done. Great for drilling around the home, on the job, or for general maintenance

  • EASY TO USE AND STORE: Comes in a durable, portable storage case with molded placeholders to keep all your items organized and in place. Special designs that make it easy to quickly find what you want to use
Product Specifications
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 260x32x210mm
  • Product Weight: 1.02 kg

13 pcs Hex Shank HSS Drill Bits
(1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.8, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5)

5 pcs Hex Shank Masonry Drill Bits
(4, 5, 6, 8, 10)

5 pcs Hex Shank Wood Drill Bits

16 pcs 25 mm Screwdriver Bits
1 pc Quick Change Bit Holder

4 pcs Nut Drive
(6, 8,10,12)

3 pcs Drill Stopper
(5, 6, 8) mm

1 pc Hex Key
1 pc Countersink

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x WellCut 49pcs HSS Hex Shank Drill & Screwdriver Bit Set for Metal Brick Woodwork

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