WELLCUT 18 Piece Pro Screwdriver Set Magnetic with Precision Screwdrivers Free Spinning WC-SD18S

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WELLCUT 18 Piece Pro Screwdriver Set Magnetic with Precision Screwdrivers Free Spinning

WellCut Wall Mount  Screwdriver Set (18pcs). Set comes with 18pcs screwdrivers and a wall mount rack to keep your set neat and organised. This set contains 8pcs common size screwdrivers and 10pcs precision screwdrivers. Its strong magnetic tips will ease frustration when making contact with screws. Each tool is hardened and tempered, madefrom high grade Cr-V tool steel material giving all your tools the strength to withstand force. The handles are ideally shaped using strong plastic and rubber grip sections. The ergonomic design make the tool very comfortable in use. Specially the precision screwdrivers are built with free-spinning base to maintain pressure whist turning the handle, giving you the best possible performance.  Install this in your workshop, garage of storage cupboard to keep your tools organised.


  • STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: This WellCut® screwdrivers' shaft is made of High Grade Cr-V tool steel with hardened treatment, built to last for years to come even through regular use. Say goodbye to blunt ends and wearing steel. A fitting addition to your tool kit

  • MAX MAGNETIC TIPS FOR EASY USE: The screwdrivers in this 18 piece screwdriver set feature clever magnetic tips, making it easy to connect them with screws. In turn, you’ll cut your work time drastically, as less time will be taken trying to fit everything together

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: With an ergonomically designed, polymer vulcanised handle, you’ll have a soft grip when using these screwdrivers, making for comfortable use. So, you can work all day with few complaints. What could be better?

  • FREE-SPINNING: Each small precision driver has a spinning disc end to make light work of all mini screws - ideal for Laptop, Phones & Tablet PC repairs

  • VALUE OF MONEY: This screwdriver set with practical wall bracket comes with 18 types of quality screwdrivers, meeting different demands. This makes it ideal to use for professionaland also home use
Product Specifications
  • (L x H x W) 230mm x 270 x 67mm

Contents Of This Product

  • 4 pcs Slotted:  SL8x150, SL6x100, SL5x75, SL6x38
  • 4 pcs Phillips:  PH3x150,  PH2x100, PH1x75, PH2x38
  • 10-Precision Screwdrivers :    
  • 6 pcs Torx: T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10x50 mm  
  • 2 pcs Slotted: SL2.5, SL3.0x50mm    
  • 2 pcs Phillips: PH0, PH00x50mm

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