WELLCUT 10 Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade For Wood & Metal fit Bosch, Dewalt & Makita

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WELLCUT 10 Piece Reciprocating Saw Blade For Wood & Metal fit Bosch, Dewalt & Makita
Reciprocating saws are one of the most versatile tools available, and are used by carpenters, woodworkers, plumbers, construction workers, and emergency response teams alike. Make sure that you’ve got the right blade for the job with this 10 piece set of recip saw blades from WellCut®. The S644D reciprocating saw blades are fast and efficient at cutting wood, chipboards, plywood, and plastic; whereas the S2345X recip saw blade gives a progressive clean cut. The S1531L gives a fast, coarse cut and is pointed with sharp ground teeth, excellent for pruning. The set also contains the S922EF saw blade, which has a durable, premium bi metal construction. Its fine 18 TPI makes it ideal for cutting in thin sheet metals, pipes, and profiles. The S1120CF also has a premium bi metal construction and is designed for course cuts, guaranteeing you a nice, clean finish. This 10 piece set features 2 bi metal demolition blades that make fast work of dismantling structures and objects. Store your professional blades in their convenient plastic case, making light work of carrying them around.

  • S644D SAW BLADES: These reciprocating saw blades are fast and efficient, particularly for cutting wood, plywood and plastic, getting a job done with ease. Use it for your projects and tasks with confidence

  • S2345X SAW BLADES: To get a progressive, clean cut of trees, wood, chipboard, plywood, and similar materials, this is the saw blade of choice. Woodworkers in particular will find this saw blade for wood of great use

  • S1531L SAW BLADES: This blade produces a fast, coarse cut. Its pointed, sharp ground teeth are excellent for precise pruning results. With this saw blade, you’ll have your garden in ship shape all year round

  • S922EF SAW BLADES: Made from premium bi metal construction, this saw blade is made from durable materials, made to last a long time. Its fine 18 TPI make it ideal for cutting thin sheet metals, pipes, and profiles

  • S1120CF SAW BLADES: Also made of premium bi metal construction, this reciprocating saw blade as part of this set is designed for fast, coarse cuts, similarly for cutting in metals, pipes, and profiles

  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: This set comes with a plastic case, so you can go ahead and use it with your reciprocating saws from Bosch, your Dewalt saws, the Makita DJR186Z reciprocating saw, etc. while keeping them in good condition
Product Specifications
  • SUITABLE MACHINE: Universal Shank Systems Reciprocating Saw
  • WEIGHT: 0.4350kg
  • WIDTHS/DIAMETERS: 2PCS 152X19X1.27mm 6T HCS | 2PCS 200X19X1.27mm 6-10T HCS |  2PCS 228X22X1.6mm 10-8T BIM | 2PCS 152X19X0.9mm 18T BIM | 2PCS 240X19X1.5mm 5T HCS

Contents Of This Product

  • 2PCS S644D 152mm length , 6TPI, Wood/Plastic Cutting
  • 2PCS S922EF 152mm length,18TPI, Metal Cutting
  • 2PCS S2345X  200mm length, 6/10TPI, Wood/Plastic Cutting
  • 2PCS S1531L 240mm length, 5T HCS Wood/Plastic Cutting
  • 2PCS S1120CF 228mm length 10/8TPI, Wood/Metal Cutting
  • 1PC Plastic tube for convenient storage

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