TOUGH MASTER Sharpcut 500mm Hand Saw, 11 TPI Varnish Coated W/Ruler Marking

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TOUGH MASTER Sharpcut 500mm Hand Saw, 11 TPI Varnish Coated W/Ruler Marking 

With a reputation for quality, TOUGH MASTER® doesn't miss. Their 500mm 11TPI Hand Saw is no exception. With a varnish coated layer to reduce friction and prevent any corrosion on the blade's surface, you'll find this blade to be durable to-the-max. What's more, the triple ground hardpoint saw is made of extremely high-quality SK 5 steel, which features a triple ground tooth design, marking angles and ruler, cutting up to 50% faster and cleaner than your average universal hand saw. At 11TPI, the standard is set even further above the bar, as more teeth per inch makes for a smoother performance. This means you can go ahead and use this hand saw for wood, dowel, decorative trim, mouldings, laminate, gypsum board, and more. You'll find this type of saw blade one of the best hand saw types as its impulse hardened teeth will stay sharp up to five times longer than your average universal hand saw, and its non-slip, angle-marked handle will leave you in complete control with little fatigue. A must-have item for every toolbox and woodworker.


  • VARNISH COATED SAW: This TOUGH MASTER® hand saw tool has lacquered varnish coating in order to help to reduce friction and prevent corrosion on the surface, making your saw blade last longer. Watch the hand saw stay in fantastic condition even after regular use

  • EDGE GRINDING: Thanks to the triple ground hard point saw's high-quality SK 5 steel blade, this universal saw has a 50% faster and cleaner cutting performance compared to traditional double ground saws, giving you a better result

  • QUICK MEASUREMENTS: This hand saw features ruler markings along the top of the blade for making quick measurements whilst working. All TOUGH MASTER® hand saws have a standard hanging hole on the bottom of the handle for easy storage

  • 11TPI: The 11TPI hand saw is one of the best hand saw types as it can cut various materials. Ideally a hand saw for wood both soft and hard, you can also use this hand tool for plastic, PVC pipes, dowel, decorative trim, moldings, laminate, softwoods, and gypsum board

  • IMPULSE HARDENED: The saw blades has impulse hardened teeth which stay sharp through regular use five times longer than a standard saw blade. It produces smooth, sharp, and quick cuts and is guaranteed to get the job done when used

  • DOUBLE-INJECTED PLASTIC HANDLE: The handle on this universal hand saw has an anti-slip soft grip for improved comfort and increased control, reducing fatigue levels when cutting. 90° and 45° degree angles integrated into the handle aid you when marking out
Product Specifications
  • Blade Length: 500mm
  • Material: SK5 + Varnish coating
  • Teeth: 11 per inch (11 TPI)  
  • Ruler
  • 3 edge grinding  
  • 45° & 90° marking angles
  • Impulse-hardened
  • Double injected plastic handle
  • Transparent varnish surface
  • Certificates: CE

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER® saw blade

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