TOUGH MASTER Reinforcement 30m/100ft Flexible Pipe, 3 Ply Garden Hose Pipe

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TOUGH MASTER Reinforcement 30m/100ft Flexible Pipe, 3 Ply Garden Hose Pipe

For all but the very biggest gardens, there’s the TOUGH MASTER® TM-GH330 Garden Hose. It has a length of 30 m, so this hose pipe can keep the farthest corners of your garden looking lush and gorgeous even in the driest weather. The reinforced hose has 3 ply anti-kink construction, which includes a layer of mesh fibre reinforcement to prevent annoying twists and bends for uninterrupted watering. The hosepipe clear textured outer layer protects against UV radiation, algae and all temperatures between -5°C to +65°C.  


  • DURABLE: This 30 m hose pipe has mesh fibre reinforcement and a clear protective outer layer, which protects against mechanical damage

  • EASY TO USE: The sturdy anti-kink construction includes an outer layer that is textured to make the garden hose easy to handle and can be used even when wet. Although it still manages a light weight of less than 4 kg, so it’s easier to carry and move

  • WEATHER-PROOF: This reinforced hose has a clear protective outer layer prevents damage and guards against algae, UV radiation and temperatures between -5°C and +65°C

  • ADAPTABLE: Customise with your own choice of connectors and attachments, e.g. metal or plastic. It also compatible with a hose reel

  • HANDY LENGTH: 30 m is an ideal length for a big garden usage
Product Specifications
  • Product Dimensions: 31*31*14 CM
  • Gross Weight: 3,8 kg
  • Material Type: Mixed Materials

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER 3 ply reinforced Garden Hose

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