TOUGH MASTER Patio Gas Mushroom Heater Cover Strong Waterproof Outdoor Protector

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TOUGH MASTER Patio Gas Mushroom Heater Cover Strong Waterproof Outdoor Protector

Don't let your valuable patio heaters get damaged in the rain or snow. Protect your mushroom shaped patio heater by pairing it with a handy TOUGH MASTER® cover. Made of tough 55D Oxford polyester fabric, this garden heater cover is high density and waterproof, guaranteed to withstand any weather, dust, or debris, keeping your heater working for longer. The patio heater protector will also keep bugs at bay, crucial for preventing fire hazards. Not only this, but it is TOUGH MASTER® branded, so you know this patio heater cover is high quality. Its sought after dark colour even looks great next to your outdoor chairs! And if you are the kind of person to get your zipper in a twist, the durable long zipper on this gas patio heater cover makes for a sturdy and smooth zipping experience, so you can remove and cover your outdoor heater with ease. Simple but effective, with this gas heater cover, you really can't go wrong.

  • DURABLE: This patio heater cover is made of high density 55D Oxford polyester fabric, built to withstand rain, snow, and sun, and will prevent debris falling onto your patio heaters. It will also keep bugs away to protect against fire damage caused by outdoor wildlife

  • EASY TO USE: Featuring a durable long zipper, this garden heater cover is extremely easy to use, zipping and unzipping in one swift motion. As the zipper is longer than usual, this will help you to zip it back up in the dark when the zipper is less visible, since it won't be a problem to find

  • ATTRACTIVE LOOKS: This cover for patio heater is extremely attractive and looks great next to your garden furniture. The fabric is a stylish dark colour to blend in with any layout or colour scheme. This is also a very in demand look for any patio heater protector as it works to disguise your expensive heater when not in use

  • BRANDED: Like all TOUGH MASTER® products, this is branded in iconic yellow, so you know this is high quality. This also adds to the appearance of the waterproof patio heater cover and reminds you that you have chosen a brand you can trust especially when paired with your reliable TOUGH MASTER® heater

  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: The dimensions of this garden heater cover are 2220mm (H) x 890mm (W), with a density of 55D or 86g/m². This is a universal size that will fit many different mushroom shaped patio heaters, especially your TOUGH MASTER® branded heaters
Product Specifications
  • Outdoor mushroom patio heater cover
  • Heavy-duty
  • Water resistant
  • Dimensions: 2220mm(H) x 890mm(W)
  • Density: 86g/㎡   

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER® patio heater cover

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