TOUGH MASTER Oscillating MultiFunction Tool 500W Sander Cutter Scraper Grinder Saw 3m Cord

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TOUGH MASTER Oscillating MultiFunction Tool 500W Sander Cutter Scraper Grinder Saw 3m Cord

TOUGH MASTER®'s 500 W Oscillating Multi Tool is a practical assistant designed for professional use. Made of high quality materials, the metal gear head and ABS plastic body will allow you to work in the most extreme conditions, providing your corded multi tool with a long service life. With a 5 degree oscillating angle, you'll be able to perform tasks even faster, allowing you to go ahead and put your feet up earlier than expected. Not only this, but there are a multitude of speed variants to choose from on your oscillating tool, with a 6 level speed selector from 8000 to 16000 rpm, meaning you can choose your speed based on the task at hand. Use a low setting for cleaning and polishing accessories, and a high setting for cutting, sanding, and grinding. Feel safe in the process with its soft start and anti vibration soft grip side handle, giving you control of your multi functional tool every step of the way. This ergonomically designed rotary multi tool has a long, 3 meter cable for excellent mobility, and comes with a handy accessories box, used to store not only your side handle, but your dust tube, standard multi tool blade, semicircular blade, sanding base, hex wrench and 20 sanding papers all included with your gadget. Alternatively, use this multi cutter with your favorite Bosch multi tool accessories.

  • DURABLE: This powerful, corded multi tool this is made of extremely high quality materials, with an ABS plastic body and metal gear head. This gives the tool a long service life, even in extreme conditions, making it ideal for tradespeople and those working in a similar environment

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: This rotary multi tool has a 5 degree oscillating angle, allowing for faster and more precise application. At such speed. you'll be able to get the job done faster and put your feet up for longer, which is great news for those on long shifts

  • MULTI SPEED: The 6 level speed selector offers a range from 8000 to 16000 rpm, given you the ability to choose an appropriate speed based on the task at hand. Low speeds are great for cleaning and polishing accessories, whereas high speeds are best for cutting, sanding, and grinding

  • SOFT START: Begin a job sensibly with the oscillating tool's soft start function, giving you better application control. The soft start will increase your confidence, make you feel safer and more comfortable, which will in turn extend the life of your multi cutter tool

  • SOFT GRIP: The multi tool possesses a soft grip handle, giving you the ergonomically best possible barrel grip. It has been designed to fit in your hands comfortably at the ideal circumference size and shape, with anti vibration as not to distract you or make a mess of the job you are doing

  • FULL SET: With this tool you will also get all the accessories you need, including an anti vibration side handle, dust tube, standard multi tool blade, semi-circular blade, sanding base, hex wrench, and 20 sanding papers, as well as a plastic accessories box to store them in. Bosch multi tool accessories are also compatible
Product Specifications
  • Rated Power: 500W
  • Rated Voltage: 230-240V
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Oscilliating degree: 5,0
  • No load speed: 8000-16000 rpm
  • Speed Selector: 6 levels
  • 3m rubber cable with BS plug
  • 1pcs anti vibration side handle
  • 1pc dust tube
  • 1pc standard blade
  • 1pc semocircular blade
  • 1pc sanding base
  • 1pc hex wrench
  • 20pcs high quality sanding papers (P60/P120/P180/P240)
  • 1pc plastic accessories box
  • Features:
  • Cutting effeciency is 30% higher than ordinary 3 degree products
  • With C&U bearing  
  • With anti vibration side handle
  • With advanced air flow construction
  • With variable speed
  • With soft grip for comfortable use
  • Avaliable for BOSCH blade
  • Sertificates: CE, ROHS
  • Weight: 1600 grams
  • Dimensions: 31*10*5,5cm

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER® multi tool
  • 1 x anti-vibration side handle
  • 1 x dust tube
  • 1 x standard blade
  • 1 x semocircular blade
  • 1 x sanding base
  • 1 x hex wrench
  • 20 x high quality sanding papers (P60/P120/P180/P240)
  • 1 x plastic accessories box

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