TOUGH MASTER 13KW Gas Patio Heater Standing 100% Stainless Steel Outdoor Garden Burner

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TOUGH MASTER 13KW Gas Patio Heater Standing 100% Stainless Steel Outdoor Garden Burnerver

Keep your outdoor areas cosy year-round with the TM-PHM13S gas patio heater from TOUGH MASTER® . The patio heater's housing is made of heavy-duty brush-finish stainless steel, so it's super-durable, highly corrosion-resistant and tolerant of both high and low temperatures; the heater has a sleek, modern look, and at over 2m tall, it will make an attractive focal point for any outdoor area. It has maximum heating power of the equivalent of 13,000w, and can provide 46,000 BTU of quiet, consistent heat to an area of 30m². For added versatility, it can be powered by propane, butane or LPG gas. The high-quality Piezo ignition system allows for one-touch push-button start-up, and has controls for variable heat output. As it's gas-fired, you can place your patio heater anywhere without having to find a mains supply or worrying about the danger of tripping over trailing leads. The heater's glass tube is created from boro silicate glass,so it can withstand thermal shock even better than ordinary glass. The heater's two wheels mean that you can move your heater more easily from one location to another. For added safety, this patio heater features a shut-off tilt valve that turns the heater off automatically if it tips over.At only 15kgs, this feature-packed gas patio heater is also light in weight. Want to keep your heater safe and protected when not in use? Then just add our optional TOUGH MASTER®-branded heater cover. Created from durable woven fabric, this handsome, practical cover is UV-resistant, waterproof and windproof; pull the drawstring for a snugger fit.

  • Durable construction: Made from stainless steel to be rust- and corrosion-resistant and tolerant of a wide temperature range
  • Quiet, consistent heat: Can deliver 46,000 BTU of heat to up to 30 square meters; can be powered by propane, butane or LPG gas
  • Attractive appearance: Sleek, modern design creates instant appeal
  • Extra manoeuvrability: In-built wheels & light weight of 15kgs make for easier movement
  • Optional storage bag: Rugged, waterproof and weatherproof design has drawstring closure and TOUGH MASTER® branding
Product Specifications
  • Sleek Design
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Round Base
  • Piezo ignition

Comes With

  • 1 x Mushroom Style Patio Gas Heater 13KW

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