TOUGH MASTER Mens Leather Belt 31”-53” Waist Double Hole Heavy Duty Metal Buckle

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TOUGH MASTER Mens Leather Belt 31”-53” Waist Double Hole Heavy Duty Metal Buckle

TOUGH MASTER®'s ability to go above and beyond to ensure only the best materials are used is unmistakable, as this 67mm Black Leather Work Belt uses high quality top grain saddle buffalo leather as opposed to the average cow hide. This makes it a king among belts, as the leather is extra wide at 2⅝" providing comfort and lumbar support, and extra thick at 3.00mm, giving it a longer service life and carrying double the weight capacity. It is also equipped with extra reinforcement in the stitching and rivets, made to prevent wear and tear. This attractive, heavy duty black leather belt has been tested to the utmost degree, with thousands of hours put into guaranteeing durability, comfort, and style. Unsure what we mean? Test this unisex genuine leather belt for yourself it can be adjusted to various sizes using its double pin prong metal roller buckle, from 31" up to 53", so you can be sure to find the perfect fit. You might want to check out the shine on that buckle, too. It is made of robust, rust-proof materials or nickel plated steel, to be precise designed to hold everything in place. So, whether you’re using this premium leather belt as a carpenter, plumber, electrician, builder, or anything in between, you can go ahead and wear those baggy work trousers that have a pocket for every tool. At long last.

  • DURABLE: This genuine leather belt is made of extremely high grade materials designed to last for a long period of time and hold a greater load capacity, including 3.0mm thick Buffalo premium saddle leather as opposed to the average 1.6mm, as well as rust proof nickel plated steel on the buckle, pins, and rivets

  • DURABLE REINFORCEMENT: There is extra reinforcement on the stitching and rivets on this leather work belt to keep everything together. This adds to the durability of the product, as well as its 425gram weight, which shows quality in the thickness (competitors use 200-300 grams)

  • COMFORTABLE: You are guaranteed to feel comfortable with this genuine leather belt for men and women around your waist. At a width of 2⅝"", this belt will support a variety of holsters and pouches and will keep everything in place. The increased width also provides lumbar support

  • STURDY DESIGN: TOUGH MASTER®'s heavy duty leather belts are incredibly reliable. This black leather belt has a double pin prong metal roller buckle with a size range from 31"" up to 53"", meaning it can fit securely on different shapes and sizes

  • MULTI PURPOSE: This leather work belt is ideal for people of different trades professions, including carpenters, plumbers, electricians, builders, painters, and so on. It can be used for leisurewear or work wear and looks perfect with a pair of work trousers

  • RUST PROOF FASTENINGS: We use only top quality nickel plated steel for the rivets and the double pin prong metal roller buckle for this genuine leather work belt. When you buy a TOUGH MASTER® product, you're buying quality that's built to last
Product Specifications
  • Made from Professional High Quality Buffalo Saddle Leather
  • Fits Size : 31” – 53”
  • Steel Double Prong Roller Buckle
  • Rivet Enforcement for added Strength
  • 2⅝" width
  • 151.5 cm length
  • 3.0 mm thickness
  • 425 gram weight
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Leather

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER® Work Belt

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