TOUGH MASTER Garden Hose Pipe Srarter Set Kit Tap Adapter Connectors Nozzle 8 Patterns

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TOUGH MASTER Garden Hose Pipe Srarter Set Kit Tap Adapter Connectors Nozzle 8 Patterns

This sturdy pistol grip spray nozzle has a dial for 8 adjustable patterns: center, mist, flat, shower, full (jet), soaker, stream and cone for an endless variety of watering tasks. The spray nozzle is constructed of solid metal and has a soft rubberised outer covering to protect the nozzle and provide a comfortable, soft grip. You can easily control the strength of the water flow with your thumb. Connect to a hose with the quick snap ½ inch hose connector and ½ inch and ¾ inch tap adaptor. There's also a ½ inch waterstop hose connector it has an internal valve that halts the water flow when disconnecting an attachment, reducing water wastage and accidental splashing.

  • MULTI PURPOSE/8 SPRAY SETTINGS: This spray gun has 8 settings (stream, soaker, mist, full, shower, flat, cone, center) to meet all your watering needs from the times you require high pressure (cleaning dirty surfaces, car washing, cleaning windows) to when you need a softer spray, such as for cleaning your pets, watering your garden, etc

  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS: The main body of this spray gun starter set is made from strong, heavy duty ABS plastic. Metal inserts in the head of the spray gun additionally strengthen the entire structure, guaranteeing high durability and preventing rust, corrosion, and wear

  • THUMB CONTROL DESIGN: The high pressure hose spray nozzle features thumb operated water control for added convenience, making it easy to change the water flow. Simply push it open and up to adjust to the level of your choice, depending on the task at hand

  • ERGONOMIC RUBBERISED HAND: The soft rubber insulated handle makes this water nozzle gun comfortable to hold and difficult to slip out of your hands, giving you a nice firm grip. This makes it perfect for long periods of use without tiring the wrist, so you can keep using it all day long

  • QUICK, EASY CONNECTION: Includes hose connector, water stop connector and tap adaptor

  • STARTER KIT: Includes a hose end connector, waterstop connector and a tap connector suitable for 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch threaded taps
Product Specifications
  • Colour: Yellow and black
  • Type: Nozzles & connectors
  • Number of spray patterns: 8
  • Spray patterns: Stream, Center, Flat, Shower, Full, Mist, Soaker, Cone

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER Multi Purpose Nozzle with Connectors 8 Pattern Garden

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