TOUGH MASTER Cordless Electric Rechargeable Screwdriver Bit Set Cordless 3.6V

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TOUGH MASTER Cordless Electric Rechargeable Screwdriver Bit Set Cordless 3.6V

Make light work of tightening and loosening screws with this TOUGH MASTER®'s 7.5" Cordless Electric Screwdriver. This compact screwdriver tool is equipped with a powerful 3.6V motor, as well as an electronic brake, ensuring start-and-stop functions are swift and accurate. There are 3 speeds to the power motor: slow (4NM), medium (5NM), and fast (6NM) to provide torque control. You'll find 24 bits in this screwdriver set, all made of high-grade, shock and wear-resistant S2 steel, designed to last you a long time. At a 250rpm rotation speed and 6NM maximum torque, the lightweight power screwdriver's all-copper motor will leave you feeling energetic instead of worn out, as it'll do all the hard work for you. And if that doesn't impress you, its LED dual light system and magnetic bit holder will, as they'll help you to see what you're doing and easily insert your drill bits. What's more, with a chargeable 3.6V Li-ion battery and USB charger included, you can go ahead and use your screwdriver without the headache of replacing batteries, making it an essential addition to your tool box.


  • POWERFUL MOTOR: The cordless electric screwdriver from TOUGH MASTER® has a fantastic 3.6V motor, as well as an electric brake for quick start-and-stop functions. This helps to prevent improper use and decreases the risk of surface damage

  • MULTI-SPEED: Make your usual, analog screwdriver a thing of the past with this cordless screwdriver's 3 speeds, including slow (4NM), medium (5NM) and fast (6NM). Having multiple speeds to choose from will improve your accuracy and allow for faster application of screws

  • PROFESSIONAL S2 BITS: This cordless screwdriver comes with S2 bits which are manufactured from high-strength, heat-treated, S2 grade steel. Bits are shock and wear-resistant, and feature precision machined tips to provide an optimum fit

  • HIGH TORQUE PERFORMANCE: This innovative screwdriver tool has an all-copper motor which allows 250rpm rotation speed and 6NM maximum torque, lowering energy consumption and maintenance. Install wood, plastic, and metal components without the ache of strained wrists

  • MAGNETIC BIT HOLDER: Thanks to the bit holder's magnetic feature, there's no longer a need for long pauses to mess around with drill bits. Increase your productivity today with TOUGH MASTER® by easily inserting and removing your screwdriver bits

Product Specifications

  • 3.6 Lithium Cordless, 7.5"
  • Dimensions 22cm x 5.8cm x 13.2cm
  • Weight 0.55kg

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER Rechargeable Cordless Electric Screwdriver Bit Set Cordless 3.6V

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