TOUGH MASTER Charcoal Barbecue Grill Portable Kettle BBQ Garden Picnic Party Camping 22"/57cm

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TOUGH MASTER Charcoal Barbecue Grill Portable Kettle BBQ Garden Picnic Party Camping 22"/57cm

Now you really can be king/queen of the grill, thanks to this super BBQ grill from Tough Master®.

With a grill diameter of 55cm/22”, this large BBQ is easily big enough to feed a crowd.

But it’s not just big, it’s durable, too: The weatherproof steel bowl and lid have a thick enamel coating that resists heat as well as rust and corrosion, while the strong steel grill is chrome plated to be easy to clean as well as rust proof and corrosion proof. In fact, the BBQ’s bowl and lid are 0.8mm thick, 25% thicker than competitors’ products.

The TM-BBQ22A kettle grill cooks your food to perfection. First of all, the grill height keeps your food far away enough from the coals to keep it from being burned, while the lid’s and bowl’s thick enamel coating ensures more even heating. You can further control the heat levels with the rust resistant air vents in the lid and in the bowl; by widening or reducing the vent openings, you can effortlessly control air flow to the coals for fiercer or gentler heat and faster or slower cooking times. Thanks to the steel charcoal grate at the bottom of the bowl, burning material sits clear of the base, to protect it from heat damage and to allow air to circulate more freely, ensuring even, efficient burning. Any resulting ashes will conveniently drop through the bottom air vent to the ash catcher below; when the ash catcher is full, you can easily empty it using the grill’s One Touch cleaning system: Simply rotate one of the clips out of the way, gently tip the ash catcher, and the ashes drop into a receptacle of your choice.
When it comes to safety, the TM-BBQ22A BBQ grill has it all figured out: The lid’s grippy top handle is riveted for extra stability and has an in built heat handle shield to protect your hand when you’re removing the lid. The BBQ’s 4 sturdy legs ensure that your BBQ won’t accidentally get knocked over or tip over.

And as for ease of use? The Tough Master® BBQ charcoal grill has that sorted, too. It’s easily portable: the sturdy easy grip side handle, two chunky 15cm wheels and light weight of 9.25 kgs mean that you can simply pull it to your favorite BBQ spot; the 2 front rubberised plastic feet ensure that your barbecue grill stays put. Inside of the grill lid is a sturdy metal lid hook, so that you can hook the lid onto one side of the bowl when in use; this is not only handy when cooking, but safe, too, because that way the hot lid won’t burn things or create a tripping hazard. For storage convenience, there’s a strong wire rack to keep all of your BBQ utensils, trays and plates right to hand.


    • STURDY DESIGN: The extra thick enamel coating on this TOUGH MASTER® Large BBQ grill for the steel bowl and lid resists high heat, rust and corrosion; in fact, the BBQ’s bowl and lid are 0.8mm thick, 25% thicker than competitors’ products. Riveted construction and grippy handles add durability, while the 4 legs give greater stability to this kettle BBQ, which measures an impressive 58 x 62.5 x 90cm

    • HEAT CONTROL: Adjustable air vents in the lid and in the bowl allow you to control heat levels. The lid and bowl’s enamel coating ensures even heating and heat retention. The charcoal grate keeps coals off the bottom of the bowl to protect it, and improve air circulation for even, efficient burning. This BBQ grill can withstand temperatures up to 500°C, so you can cook a wide range of foods quickly and efficiently

    • HEAT HANDLE SHIELD: Thanks to the heat handle shield, you can lift the lid from this BBQ grill safely and comfortably and without having to use oven mitts. The heat handle shield is riveted to the BBQ’s lid for long lasting durability

    • EASY TO CLEAN: Any ash and debris drop through the bottom air vent and into the ash catcher below; the ash catcher can then be easily emptied with the grill’s One Touch cleaning system: Rotate one of the supporting clips out of the way, and gently tip out the ash catcher’s contents

    • SAFE DESIGN: Secure handles offer a firm grip, and the 4 legs ensure stability. The two rubberised plastic feet mean that your BBQ stays put. The strong metal lid hook allows you to place the lid on the side of the bowl while BBQing. The lid also has an in built heat handle sheld to protect your hands when removing it

    • QUICK, EASY ASSEMBLY: Assembling this BBQ is easy. Go from box to BBQ in minutes; no special tools required. You’ll have it ready for your gathering in no time at all. Even the less tool savvy can follow the instructions with this one

    Product Specifications:

    • G.W 11.35 kgs
    • Overall size: 58 x 62.5 x 90 cm
    • Cooking height: 68 cm
    • BBQ grill: Dia 54.5 cm 4x3 mm,chrome-plated steel
    • Lid: Dia 58.5*16 cm*0.8 mm, enameled steel
    • Bowl: Dia 57.5*20.5 cm*0.8 mm, enameled steel
    • Legs & storage rack: aluminium
    • N.W 9.25 kgs

    Content of This Product:

    • 1 x TOUGH MASTER Outdoor Barbecue Grill Kettle Portable with 2 Wheels

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