TOUGH MASTER Car Tyre Air Compressor Pump Bike Cycle Compact 3m Cord 12V 150PSI Inflator

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TOUGH MASTER Car Tyre Air Compressor Pump Bike Cycle Compact 3m Cord 12V 150PSI Inflator


  • This machine is suitable for inflating car, bicycle tire, ball, rubber dinghy,etc.
  • In the highway, the field, or any place, car tire suddenly leak, more can use its emergency function.
  • Always have one, put it in the trunk of a car, not take up space, use it endlessly.
  • The car tire keeps the correct tire pressure at any time, which can save gas, protect the tire, and ensure the safety of driving.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR & FAST INFLATION: This air pump for car tyres has a 110W pure copper coil motor for powerful performance, suitable for inflating tyres on midsize SUVs, cars and bikes. It delivers maximum pressure of 150 PSI, so you can easily inflate a typical car tyre in 5–6 minutes

  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIALS: This car tyre inflator is made from lightweight, durable plastic, and its sturdy hose is designed to withstand high air pressure levels even while delivering maximum airflow

  • AUTO SHUT OFF: Because of its auto shut off function, this TOUGH MASTER® car air pump provides worry free use. Just pre-set the desired air pressure level and start inflating; the car air compressor will shut off automatically at the pre-set level

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: The long 3m power cable gives you plenty of reach, which means that you can inflate front and rear car tyres easily. The special design makes it easy to store the power cable at the sides of the electric tyre inflator

  • DIGITAL DISPLAY & LED LIGHT: Thanks to the bright in built LED light for this car air pump, you can easily illuminate whatever you're trying to inflate. This car tyre inflator with led light also comes with a digital LCD display, so that you can easily monitor pressure levels, even in low light conditions; choose from kg/cm2, BAR, PSI or KPA. Perfect for filling car tyres at a dark roadside

  • SOS LIGHT: TOUGH MASTER digital tire inflator is equipped with 2 modes of lights: a flashlight for using at night and SOS light for warning caution to ensure your safety
How To Use Guide
  1. Start the engine
  2. Plug the cable into 12v socket
  3. Preset Pressure to the value you need
  4. Connect nozzle
  5. Press power button
  6. Wait till tyre inflated.
  7. Air compressor will stop when preset pressure reached 
Inflates the Following                              
  • Car Tyres                                             
  • Motorcycle Tyres                                  
  • Bicycle Tyres                                              
  • Air Mattresses                                               
  • Boats                                                         
  • Balls                                                             
  • Toys
Certificates : CE/FCC

Product Specification
  • Size: 219*205*70 mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Power Supply: 12 V
  • Amperage: 13 A
  • Wattage: 110 W
  • Power Cable Length: 3 m
  • Air Line Length: 60 cm                               
  • Item Weight: 1.12 Kg                                   
  • Pressure Unit Switch Option
  • Inflation Time: Under 5 minutes
Comes With
  • 1 x 12V Multi-functional Display Tyre Inflator

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