TOUGH MASTER 4-Layer Reinforced Anti-Kink 15m/50ft Garden Hose Pipe Braided Water Hosepipe

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TOUGH MASTER 4-Layer Reinforced Anti-Kink 15m/50ft Garden Hose Pipe Braided Water Hosepipe

Thanks to its 4-ply construction, the 15m TM-GH415C Garden Hose offers an extra level of durability. This hose pipe also boasts anti-kink construction; the layer of anti-torsion mesh fiber reinforcement keeps the water hose from bending, twisting or bunching up, ensuring hassle-free watering. The clear outer layer protects this reinforced hose against mechanical damage, algae, UV radiation and temperatures of -5°C to +65°C; this special outer layer is also textured to make the hose easy to handle and use, even when wet. The TM-GH415C Garden Hose also comes with a 7-year warranty.


  • 4-PLY CONSTRUCTION WITH CROSS REINFORCEMENT: Four-layer construction (1-PLY inner layer, 1-PLY black rubber layer, 1-PLY fibre reinforcement layer, 1-PLY transparent outer layer) made of the highest quality material ensures high flexibility and durability. Reinforcement made from durable yarn for high pressure maintains the structure of the hose ensuring water passes through uninterrupted to your garden

  • FREE-STREAM NON-TORSION TECHNOLOGY: Free-Stream Non-Torsion Technology knitting provides fantastic reinforcement making the hose non-kink and non-twist

  • UV & ALGAE RESISTANT: TOUGH MASTER PVC hoses manufactured using UV resistant materials and is therefore protected from any damage caused by the sun's rays. In addition, the inner layer prevents the algae from settling preventing logs and dirty water

  • HIGH RANGE OF OPERATING TEMPERATURES: Designed to be used at low and high temperatures our hose can sustain extreme weather without any damage

  • VERSATILE: The hose can be used with any standard gun and connectors. Attach your fittings, and enjoy watering your lawns, gardens or cleaning decks and patios

  • HANDY LENGTH: At 15m, this reinforced hose pipe is a practical length for the smaller garden/outdoor space
Product Specifications
  • Product Dimensions: 31*31*7CM
  • Gross Weight: 2,25 kg
  • Material Type: Mixed Material

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER 4 ply reinforced Garden Hose

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