TOUGH MASTER 3 In 1 Staple Gun, All-metal, Force Adjustment Regulator, Black

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TOUGH MASTER 3 In 1 Staple Gun, All-metal, Force Adjustment Regulator, Black
The TOUGH MASTER 3 in 1 staple gun is a handy choice for a big variety of jobs around the home and worksite. It isn’t just a staple gun; it functions as a pin nailer and brad nail gun too to serve lots of different applications. The TM-SGM31 heavy duty staple gun has a robust all metal body with a rust resistant plated surface, guaranteeing dependable usage and long life. The 3 in 1 nailer stapler has a reload indicator that shows when you need to refill. Thanks to the easy drop in magazine, you can quickly refill the stapler when needed. The leaf spring mechanism ensures accurate, reliable discharge of staples, while the spring impact mechanism cushions recoil force for more comfortable usage. Adjust the pressure of discharge with the Force Adjustment Regulator to suit whatever task you have at hand. When not in use, just clip the 3 in 1 stapler/brad/pin nailer to your belt with the durable plastic belt clip, keeping it both accessible and out of your way. For safe storage, use the handle lock so that the staple gun can’t accidentally discharge.

  • STURDY DESIGN: This 3 in 1 staple gun has a highly durable, all-metal body with a rust-resistant plated surface for long service life

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: As the name suggests, this product has 3 functions in 1, with the ability to operate as a staple gun, a pin nailer, or a brad nail gun. This means you won't need to buy these items individually. With less clutter on your desk, it'll never look better

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This 3 in 1 nailer stapler is ergonomically designed with a contoured handle and a rubberised handle grip. This makes for comfortable use and a secure hold. The spring-impact mechanism cushions recoil force

  • EASY TO USE: The leaf-spring mechanism ensures accurate, reliable discharge of staples. The staple gun is easy to refill, too, as the Reload Indicator window shows when you need to refill, so you can be ready when it alerts you

  • SAFE DESIGN: To keep the staple gun from accidentally discharging, you can always use the handle lock, which has been designed with safety in mind

  • BELT CLIP: The belt clip keeps the staple gun out of your way but simultaneously easy to access when not in use
Product Specifications
  • Type: 3 in 1
  • Body Frame: metal
  • Impact Mechanism: spring
  • Guaranteed Resource, stroke: 50,000
  • Consumables: staples / pins / nails
  • Consumables size: 6-14 mm
  • Special Features: quick recharge of staples
  • Staple type: 140 / G/4/11
  • Nail type: 300 (E/J)
  • Stud type: 500
  • Staple thickness: 0.7 mm
  • Staple width: 11.3 mm
  • Nail / Stud Width: up to 2mm

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x staple gun

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