TOUGH MASTER 19 inch Tool Storage Case Stool Working Platform Tote Tray Compartment Organiser


TOUGH MASTER 19 inch Tool Storage Case Stool Working Platform Tote Tray Compartment Organiser

Transporting and storing your tools is easy, thanks to the 19” UPT-4006 Tool Storage Box with Tote Tray from TOUGH MASTER®. With its sturdy plastic case, plus a rust & corrosion proof latch, this Tool Storage Box is built to last. It's secure, as the lid has a padlock eye for your own choice of lock. To store all of those small bits, the outer lid has 3 lidded storage boxes, 2 of which may be removed for convenient transport. The UPT-4006 also has a handy tote tray that fits inside the box, so that you can easily store and carry your hand tools etc. For easy transport, this lightweight tool storage box has a comfy hinged carry handle.

  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Created from thick, high-grade plastic this toolbox is sturdy to withstand strong impact. It also has good resistance to extreme weather for long-time use

  • RANGE OF STORAGE: There's the main storage compartment, 3 storage boxes in the lid (2 are removable) and a tote tray that stores neatly inside your Tough Master® Tool Storage Box

  • GOOD STORAGE CAPACITY & PORTABLE: Compact—only 49×26 cm but at the same time it has a storage area with almost 19 liters. Light weight (less than 2kg) and comfy hinged carry handle offer easy transport

  • SECURE DESIGN: 2 Push & pull hinged latch has spring-loaded tabs and allows you to close the case securely. The built-in padlock eye may be fitted with a lock of your choice for added security and peace of mind

  • 3IN1 MULTIFUNCTION: Use it as a storage box, rest stool or stable working platform. The non-slip lid withstands big load capacity, which allows using the stool as a working platform. Perfect for the jobs requiring to reach high objects

  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN & VERSATILITY: Trademark TOUGH MASTER orange & black colouration is both eye-catching and highly visible. Household, maintenance, outdoors, hobbies, fishing - you can use it everywhere
Product Specifications
  • Dimension 490 x 260 x 246 mm
  • Size    19"

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x TOUGH MASTER Tool Storage Case Tray & Compartment Organiser

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