TOUGH MASTER 10pcs Glue Gun Sticks For Electric Glue Gun 7mm x 150mm

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TOUGH MASTER 10pcs Glue Gun Sticks For Electric Glue Gun 7mm x 150mm

The model accessory for your best glue gun is here. TOUGH MASTER® Hot Melt Glue Sticks are high-quality and efficient, suitable for a myriad of materials; including fabric, metal, wood, glass, card, stone, shell, brick, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, leather, plastic and ceramics. These hot-melt glue gun sticks are transparent and made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic EVA materials without any impurities, which is good for reducing your carbon footprint. They are also incredibly robust, with strong viscosity and good flexibility. Long-term storage will not be a problem with these hot glue gun sticks as this does not change the product’s colour and won't reduce their bonding strength. The exceptional, fast-melting adhesive that TOUGH MASTER®  produces is non-brittle to resist cracking, and has super-strong stability, turning elastic when dry. One pack contains 10 glue sticks, with each measuring 7mm x 150mm. This is the perfect full set, easily stored and convenient to change; lightweight and portable.

  • EFFICIENT TO USE: The glue sticks are extremely versatile and can be used on a wide range of materials. They are ideal to use for those in the business of trading as they can glue most common matter, including fabric, metal, wood, glass, leather, and ceramics and keep them in place all the while

  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE: The hot glue sticks are made of high grade, non toxic EVA, meaning not only are they great for the environmentally conscious, but they are incredibly safe to use. Feel confident that you are contributing to a green friendly brand by stashing these hot melt glue sticks away in your tool bag

  • ANTI AGEING: These glue gun sticks are designed to last you a long time, so you should not need to replace them frequently even if you are an avid glue gun user. They do not discolour from being stored, and the bonding strength will not change from this, either. They are extremely strong and flexible

  • THERMAL STABILITY: The adhesive in these 10 hot glue gun sticks offer everything you would expect from a glue stick of this quality: quick melting, super strong, and crack proof. Pair it with your TOUGH MASTER® Hot Glue Gun for the best results

  • PERFECT SET TO TOP UP: The Hot Melt Glue Sticks come with 10 pcs, are easy to change when you need to refill your glue gun, and are economical. Its small frame makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. Bring it anywhere; whether it's in the drawer at home, or loaded in your TOUGH MASTER® backpack
Product Specifications
  • Dia 7 x 150mm transparent glue stick, 10 pcs per poly bag with carton head
  • Healthy, non-smoke and environmentally friendly
  • Made of high grade fine EVA raw material
  • Powerful adhesive force and high plasticity       
  • High ageing resistance and wide weather resistance
  • Colour: Clear
  • Curing time: 10 ~ 15s
  • Storage conditions: keep sealed and in a cool place to save
  • CE Certificate

Contents Of This Product

  • 10 x glue sticks

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