Cryo Cool Max 300i

CanonCryo Cool 300


The Cryo Cool is the safest and most profitable body shaping cryolipolysis device on the market. A renewed and evolved technology in cold applications systems with effective results contrasted in the best clinics.

The cryolipolysis device is designed for a hands-free treatment that can be combined with vacuum and radiofrequency treatments. This device allows for up to four applicators to be used simultaneously – reducing treatment times and improving patient comfort.

A perfect solution for both clinician and patient, a hands-free treatment that’s a painless alternative to invasive treatments which gives visible results from the first session. The Beco Cryo Cool Max delivers the most effective treatment of the edematous adiposities and features a variable anti bruising pressure system for unmatched results.

Our warrantied Beco - Cryo Cool machines provide you with the peace of mind of a great device, but at an affordable purchase price or as a fantastic rental option.

The Cryo Cool Max is capable of providing treatment to four separate body areas simultaneous. This can be achieved by using four handpieces, each supplied by a dedicated vacuum pump. This enables the Cryo Cool Max to deliver full body treatments with maximum efficiency.

The Cryo Cool Max is compatible with body handpieces with treatment sizes 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, and 200mm. There is also a separate facial handpiece available for cryolipolysis treatment on the chin and neck area. The facial handpiece does not use vacuum technology.

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