WellCut Screwdriver 6pc Set Non-Slip Handle Tool Kit

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WellCut Screwdriver 6pc Set Non-Slip Handle Tool Kit

This heavy duty Hammer Through 6 piece screwdriver set comes with all the bells and whistles to get any project completed. In particular, the set comes with 2 non slip diamond coated screwdrivers, which adds to your level of precision. All screwdrivers are equipped with strong blade hexagon S2 Steel Cr-6150 material allowing maximum durability against flexing force. A hex bolt between the handle acts as a wrench adapter; which becomes incredibly useful for loosening tough screws. The reinforced structure steel cap handles are strong enough to withstand a hammer when you are in forceful circumstances. There are also thumb grips to ensure you have maximum hold of the screwdrivers whilst using them for various jobs. You’ll notice the difference between these screwdrivers and your average screwdriver set straight away, as these are much heavier, much thicker, and provide much more torque, making them excellent quality for the cost. Ultimately, this screwdriver set ensures the most effective, labour saving experience for any project, and is highly recommended as your go to screwdriver set. This set is ISO 9001 approved.


  • HIGH QUALITY NON SLIP HANDLE - Tight screw? Not to worry! The 2 non slip pro screwdrivers have an integrated hex bolt basically allowing you to break the seal on tight screws

  • STEEL CAP HANDLES - Your screwdriver may sometimes double as a chisel. Without a doubt, steel caps will ensure your screwdriver set lasts and does not take damage

  • DIAMOND COATING - Reduced slipping from the diamond coating will undeniably allow you to work with more accuracy & precision

Contents Of This Product
3 pcs Slotted

  • 8x150mm, 6x100mm, 5x75mm

3 pcs Phillips

  • PH1X75mm, PH2X100mm, PH3x150mm

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