TOUGH MASTER Electric Glue Gun 10W Free Sticks Hobby Crafts DIY Compact Size

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TOUGH MASTER Electric Glue Gun 10W Free Sticks Hobby Crafts DIY Compact Size

The TOUGH MASTER® 10W Hot Glue Gun is the perfect tool for professional use, as well as hobbies and gift making, e.g. making cards, hair ornaments, home decorations, gift packages etc. It can also be used as a repair tool to mend furniture, home appliances and shoes.

This hot glue gun heats up in a rapid 3-5 minutes and includes a removable hinged metal support stand to keep it stable and rested when necessary. Its insulated body has a built in fuse, keeping the glue gun at a constant temperature so no worries about it overheating. You'll find extra clarity that this is a risk free, safe gadget by checking out the aluminium nozzle, which will allow you to glue away without drips or leakage. What's more, this 240V glue gun is energy efficient and equipped with over current protection, which makes it super practical.  Thanks to the compact design, you can work very comfortably with this hot glue gun, and be assured that its highly resistant plastic materials will prevent it from deforming. Ideal to apply adhesive to just about any material, from stone to leather, ceramics and beyond. 5 7 x 100mm transparent glue sticks included.


  • SUPER QUICK HEATING: The TOUGH MASTER® Hot Glue Gun heats up in a speedy 3-5 minutes and maintains a constant temperature automatically, so that you can get to work on your projects straight away

  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: The removable, hinged metal support stand is used to stabilise the hot glue gun. The gun will rest securely on the support stand and keep the nozzle pointed down

  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE & EFFICIENT: This TOUGH MASTER® Hot Glue Gun has a built in fuse to prevent it from overheating. The aluminium nozzle helps you to apply glue precisely without drips or leakage

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This hot glue gun is made of high quality plastic that is designed to withstand high pressure and high temperature so that the glue gun won't deform. Its compact size makes for comfortable handling

  • PERFECT DIY TOOL FOR YOU: This hot glue gun applies adhesive for almost any material, e.g. fabric, metal, wood, glass, card, stone, shell, brick, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, leather, plastic & ceramics and so on

  • COMPLETE SET: As well as the hot glue gun itself, this set includes glue gun accessories a handy hinged metal support stand and 5 x transparent glue sticks measuring 7 x 100mm. This means that you can get to work straight away

Product Specifications

  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Power: 10W
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Pre-heating time: 3-5min
  • Flow Rate of Glue: 6g/min
  • Plug type: EU (BS 3-pin plug)
  • Melting Temperature: 493°
  • Nozzle Diameter: 1,5mm
  • Nozzle Material: Aluminium
  • Glue Stick Diameter - 7.0mm
  • Glue Stick Length - 100mm
  • Drip control function
  • PA meterial
  • Total cable length - 1.2m
  • With 5pcs 7 x 100mm transparent glue sticks
  • Certificate: CE
  • Length: 13cm  
  • Width: 2.7cm  
  • Height: 13.5cm
  • Weight: 195 grams

Contents Of This Product

  • 1 x Hot glue gun
  • 1 x Metal support stand
  • 5 x Transparent glue sticks

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