There’s nothing worse than digging through an open-mouthed backpack for a measuring tape or hex key when you’ve got a job to do. It’s time-consuming, stress-inducing, and leaves you forgetting why you needed it in the first place by the time it surfaces.
That’s why it’s always an idea to keep a multi-pocket tool belt handy, with compartments for every hammer, knife, and screwdriver at your discretion. This is particularly true for working at a height when accessing a tool bag is not practical, or even possible (unless you want to keep climbing up and down, which we would not recommend).

So, where to buy one of these useful contraptions? Thankfully, we’ve just stocked a bunch of TOUGH MASTER® branded tool belts, guaranteed to fit your needs (and we can all count on TOUGH MASTER®’s standard for quality!) 

Whether it’s a sleek, heavy-duty black leather belt you need to support your pouches, or an entire tool pouch belt with everything attached, TOUGH MASTER® have it sorted. Don’t believe us? See for yourself below, as we have listed the whole collection. That ‘Add to Basket’ button has never looked so enticing!

Tough master