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Tough Master Heaters

Feeling the chill? Fear not: TOUGH MASTER® have some absolutely brrrr-illiant home heating solutions, just for you. Each of our 4 home heaters has its own special features: adjustable heat settings, built-in timer function, oscillation mode or fan-assisted heating – just to name a few.


Our TOUGH MASTER® heaters boast different shapes and sizes, too – like our office favourite, the powerful, slimline TM-CH203 Electric Convector Heater. Then there's the ultra-stylish, ultra-sleek TM-TH220 Ceramic Tower Fan Heater. Despite its dainty size, the mighty PTC152OF Ceramic Fan Heater packs an impressive 1500W of heating power. Or you can snuggle up to the cosy glow of the TM-HH120, TOUGH MASTER®'s compact halogen heater.


Even with their individual features, these heaters all have one thing in common: They're designed with the same great quality and affordability that you've come to know and love from all of TOUGH MASTER®'s ever-expanding product range. 


So grab a mug of your favourite hot chocolate and prepare to discover your dream home heater. We'll have you toasty-warm in no time …

TOUGH MASTER® TM-CH203 2000W Electric Convector Heater

Get fast, silent heating with the TM-CH203 2000W Convector Heater from TOUGH MASTER®. It boasts 3 power settings, an adjustable thermostat and a programmable 24hr timer. For even quicker heating, use the turbo fan. 


  • Range of settings: This convector heater has a choice of 3 power output settings – 750W, 1250W and 2000W.
  • Durable performance: High-quality construction means that you'll get years of reliable heating comfort from your TM-CH203 convector heater.
  • Easy portability: Thanks to its 2 carry grips and light weight of only 2.5kg, this heater is easy to carry to wherever you need quick, powerful heating.


TOUGH MASTER® TM-TH220 Ceramic Tower Fan Heater

This stylish heater offers more than great looks: The TM-TH220 Tower Fan Heater also boasts powerful heating, oscillation function and even a handy remote control, so you can easily change its settings from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Use its 8-hour timer to preheat any room or to turn it off.

  • High performance: Two power-output settings of 1200W & 2200W can be used to easily heat up an area of 20m². Use the oscillation & fan settings for even faster heat distribution.
  • Versatile function: The adjustable temperature range of 10° to 49° offers you year-round comfort. Use the remote control to switch on/off, set the timer or adjust the heat output.
  • Gorgeous looks: Its striking black & ivory housing and tall, slim profile make this handsome heater a perfect choice for any indoor setting – the home, the office or the gym.


TOUGH MASTER® TM-PTC152OF Ceramic Fan Heater

Short on stature but big on performance, the TM-PTC152OF Mini Ceramic Fan Heater packs lots of heating power and handy features, like its 750W & 1500W power settings, fan mode and oscillation. Want to know more? Read on …


  • Range of settings: As well as its two heat settings of 750W and 1500W, this heater has a thermostat for automatic temperature control. Use the fan setting on its own for warm-weather cooling.
  • Quiet performance: Being a ceramic heater, the TM-PTC152OF provides quiet heating to not disturb your sleeping, reading, work etc. 
  • Efficient heating: With its wide 70° angle of oscillation, this ceramic fan heater provides even heat distribution throughout the room.



TOUGH MASTER® TM-HH120 Oscillating Halogen Heater

Warm up your home or office with this versatile little halogen heater from TOUGH MASTER®. The TM-HH120 Oscillating Halogen Heater can heat an area up to 10m² and has a choice of 3 heat settings. 

  • Efficient heating: This model has 3 heat settings – 400W, 800W and 1200W – for custom heating comfort. The 60° wide-angle oscillation function provides even heat distribution.
  • Portable convenience: With a light weight of only 1.3kg and its comfy carry grip, this oscillating halogen heater is easy to carry to wherever you need heating most.
  • Cosy glow: The halogen heating elements heat your personal space quickly and quietly, creating a soft, reassuring glow.


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