4 Best All-Purpose TOUGH MASTER Work Platforms and Ladders

Climb with TOUGH MASTER, climb with confidence!


TOUGH MASTER ladders are built with durability and versatility in mind. Perfect for those easy at-home tasks or tough job site projects, they'll withstand any environment. They're ultra-sturdy, too, with anti-slip platforms and feet to enhance user safety.


If you're looking for a ladder that'll meet your needs, you've come to the right place. Here are 4 of our best all-purpose TOUGH MASTER ladders we think you'll love (including 2 brand new to our catalogue!)

TOUGH MASTER 5 Way Platform Ladder sturdy aluminium 340cm (ML-103C)

Why have one ladder when you can have 5 different ladders in one? This 5 way platform ladder from TOUGH MASTER gives you just that. This multipurpose ladder functions as a platform ladder or a 340-cm straight ladder, as well as 3 other types of ladder, too, so it’s a great choice as a stair platform or for washing windows or as a hedge cutting platform, etc.


Check out its many features:


  • Sturdy & secure: Quality 6063 extra-thick aluminium (1.3/1.6mm). Secure locking mechanism and heavy-duty hinges
  • Convenient use: Five types of ladders in one. An additional platform is included for extra working space
  • Easy transport: Simply fold down when not in use. Weighs only 15.8kg


TOUGH MASTER® Steel Step Ladder Folding Step Stool with Handrail & Wide Platform - 3 Steps (TM-SSL3)

This is the first of two BRAND NEW ladders from TOUGH MASTER. The TM-SSL3 features 3 steps, allowing you to reach shelves and cupboards with ease. This foldable step stool is built with safety in mind, with a durable, ultra-sturdy steel body that will last for years to come. Because of this strong structure, it holds a maximum load of 150kg, perfect for small jobs.


Here's a bit more detail on those features:


  • Sturdy structure: This 3 step ladder is made from ultra sturdy and durable steel material and has a maximum load of 150kg
  • Rounded angle design steel tube: Designed to protect your walls from marks, scratches and general damage
  • Anti-slip platform & feet: Comes with anti-slip rubber mats and feet equipped to make sure the ladder stays sturdy


TOUGH MASTER® Steel Step Ladder Folding Step Stool with Handrail & Wide Platform - 2 Steps (TM-SSL2)

The other brand-new ladder comes in the form of the TM-SSL2. This is very similar to the TM-SSL3, aside from the fact it comes with 2 steps instead of 3. This ladder is better for those smaller jobs that don't require much more height, such as painting and decorating, reaching high shelves and dusting high objects such as ceiling lampshades and the top of Venetian blinds.


Here's just some of its plethora of benefits: 


  • Folding & compact design: The lightweight platform ladder can be fully folded down to a compact size for easy storage
  • Approved quality: This step stool ladder meets the EN14183 standard for ladders
  • Wide usage: The TM-SSL2 foldable step stool can be used for any task that involves reaching items at a height


TOUGH MASTER 760 x 300mm Step Up Aluminium Work Platform (ML-203)

The fourth and final ladder on our 4 best all-purpose ladders list is the ML-203. This is a working platform that’s hard to match: It’s made from extra-thick aluminium (1.3/1.6mm), which is also a rust-resistant material. It features a maximum load capacity of 330lbs / 150kg plus a strong, secure locking mechanism that ensures stability and reliable use.


And that's not all:


  • Secure, safe design: The strong, reliable locking mechanism ensures that your ladder is safe and ready to use
  • Sturdy: This work platform has been created with high-quality 6063 extra thick aluminium (1.3/1.6mm)
  • Tripod support: There are safety clips on this platform ladder and tripod supports to provide security